Thursday, January 19, 2017

Share Your Playlist

Worship on  Sunday morning is part of my favorite thing about church.  I connect deeply with Jesus through song lyrics that deliver the truths found in scripture.  The truth of scripture revealed in just a little different format really helps solidify the deeper meaning for me.  

Last year when I was really struggling with depression and anxiety, I found that worshiping at home really made a difference in my day.  So I began searching for songs that we sing at church that were my favorites and that move me closer to Jesus.  I began very shyly at first, only singing when no one else was around.  But then I decided that it was ok for the whole household to her me sing.  (I do love to sing)  

I set up a wireless speaker in my kitchen and would play my playlist from my phone over the speaker about as loud as it would go.  I would stand in the sunshine streaming through my kitchen window and lift my face and voice to the Son!  I've now added a second speaker to my bedroom so I can sing where ever I am!!

If you have Amazon Prime, you can download lots of music free.  If not, songs are usually reasonably priced around $1.29.  

Want to see what I'm singing?  Here's my playlist:

    • How Great Thou Art by Trisha Yearwood
    • O Praise the Name by Hillsong Worship
    • No Longer Slaves by Bethel Music
    • Just Say Jesus by 7eventh Time Down
    • Great I Am by Phillips, Craig and Dean
    • Your Great Name by Natalie Grant
    • Revelation Song by Kari Jobe
    • Unstoppable God by Elevation Worship
    • Resurrecting by Elevation Worship
    • Call Upon the Lord by Elevation Worship
Some days I play it all the way through and others days, depending on how much time I have, I will just pick and choose a few songs that have lyrics that I need to hear that day.

Worship doesn't have to be confined to just a Sunday morning.  I find that it completely shapes my mind when I desperately need to be close to my Jesus.  Don't have a great singing voice?  Who cares!  Scripture says to make a joyful noise unto the Lord!  Go for it!!

Do you have songs that you listen to over and over that help uplift your spirits?  Share them with us!

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  1. Pretty much anything from Bethel Music or Hillsong theses days. I've also got my son's worship EP on repeat. He has a full length album coming out soon with my son-in-law and their close friend.