Friday, January 27, 2017

Photo Card Friday - Free Printable

Several months ago I decided to make some of my own photo cards with encouragement and scriptures on them to put in an old rolodex style photo stand.  It sits on my desk at work, so each morning I simply choose one that speaks to me for the day.  I love having encouraging scripture and reminders right in front of me so I can't forget their truths, and have something pretty to look at all day!

I thought it would be fun to share with all of you.  I'll post a photo here each Friday that you can feel free to "save as" and print at home.

You can find these stands very cheap at any Goodwill.  I think I see one every time I am in there.  They have plastic sleeves that you just slide the photo into.

So here is our first week photo!  It is a quote I shared in yesterday's post that is one of my favorites.



  1. Love this idea and could see it as a wonderful present to give to someone! Thanks for sharing and for the words of encouragement!

  2. That is a wonderful quote, and you are speaking my language when you recommend picking up a photo stand at Goodwill!