Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Not Today Satan

Have you ever had one of those days where just everything went wrong?  It started off with getting up late, then you spill your coffee, then a child comes down of THOSE days!  Maybe it's a day when you are just silently berating yourself for things that you have been challenged with, that self-talk that puts you down and brings out your worst mood.

I've certainly been there on many an occasion.  But I have started to become more aware of the ways that Satan is trying to mess with me.  I'm being more conscious of listening to my inner voice and paying attention to slight clues that let me know that Satan is toying with my emotions.  Does that happen to you?

Let's start off the day with this statement:  "Not today Satan!"   Say it out loud.  Put him in his place.  Remind him you are a child of God and he cannot touch you.  Put it on a post it note so you can remember it throughout the day.

Say it out loud?  Really?  YES, really!  Several times in scripture Jesus talks out loud to Satan, commanding him to leave.  You have that same power within you.  When you take back that authority over Satan, commanding him in a loud, strong voice in Jesus name, he must flee.

Give each day over to Jesus in your morning prayers and remind Satan--not today!!

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  1. Love the way your site looks. Did you remodel?

    1. No, just cleaned up a bit. Still trying to decide if this writing is going to stick and if I should move over to WordPress.

    2. I say yes!!! I love that you are writing again!

  2. I really like this. Sometimes I let Satan win and just say today is just one of those days. Love "not today Satan" reminds me of who is really in control. :)