Sunday, October 4, 2015

the 30 Days of Praise Challenge

I want to introduce you to this beautiful little book called "the 30 day praise challenge" by Becky Harling.  It has been such a gift to me.

One of the effects of my anxiety disorder is the inability to tolerate loud noises.  Unfortunately, that includes my home church of 5,000 family.  Lots of people and loud music can set me back for several days, so there are weekends when I must go without church.

On those days I rely on my own praise music to lean in closer to Jesus.  This book has a wonderful praise filled short devotion each day and at the end she has a prayer, a journal prompt and then recommends some praise music to download and enjoy.  I have found some wonderful new music and artists that I had never heard before and I am enjoying them so much.  I created a Praise playlist on my phone that I listen to almost every day and it renews my spirit immediately.
"God is able to meet your deepest longings.  One way to praise Him is by agreeing with Him that you need Him more than anything else in your life."
Go get this book.  I know you will be blessed by it!  How do you praise Him daily?

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