Monday, October 5, 2015

Confession: I LOVE Junk!

Yes, it's true.  I love junk.  Junk of all kinds:  rusty, paint chippy, farmhouse, barn, vintage...all of it!  So when someone invites me to go through their Mom's house and barn before they put stuff up for sale.....YEEHAW, yes I will be there with bells on and I will bring a friend who loves junk as equally as I do!

We, my junk loving friend and I, spent Sunday afternoon loving every minute of going through a house, garage and yes a barn!

I brought home a few lovely items.  Some I will upcycle and sell, others are way too good and will stay right here at home with me!

The top off of a windmill....squee!!  So excited to find this.  The wheels are turning in this girl's brain as to how to show it off in my back yard!

Oh the possibilities with this beautiful old sled!  This baby will sell quite nicely after I decorate her all up for the holidays.

Who can resist this adorable little piece of luggage.  It needs a little cleaning, but it is a classic!

A copper kettle!  Had to climb into the rafters to retrieve this bad boy!  Oh what a find!

Isn't this little hall table just so sweet.  It will get a treatment of shabby chic love at some point.

A coal bucket and enamel wear.  Two of my favorite things.

This is an old flat box that plants used to be shipped in instead of the plastic ones that we see now.  A good sanding and some beautiful handles will make this a tray to die for!

More rafter climbing was required to retrieve the barn door and this beautiful little enamel table was stored in the barn!  Isn't it cute?

I love old quilts.  This one has been loved beyond it's years and has many a story to tell.  She is a bit tattered but I have her in the gentle cycle of the washing machine right now.  I hope to make some pennant banners from her beauty.

Ahhhh yes.  To actually find blue canning jars being used in an old farmhouse was quite a treat.  Many of them still had food in them!  Aren't these beautiful?

Junking.  It's what I love!


  1. OH MY WORD GIRL - YOU SCORED BIG TIME. Jealous in NC!!!!!!! I want to see that seedling tray upcycled - do you ship?

  2. Some great finds. I love watching shows where they find these kinds of treasures but have never done it myself.