Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Scripture Memory Tag Book

I've made it a goal this year to memorize scripture with thousands of other women over at Beth Moore's place. I decided I needed a fun way to collect them and continue to refresh my memory as I go through the process.  We are memorizing 2 scriptures per month.

I found these adorable wooden tags online (unfortunately the store is closed).

So I thought It would be fun to make a tag of each scripture.  I painted the tags black and then decorated them in some of my favorite scrapbook paper from Daisy D's.  This company went out of business a long time ago, but I have been hoarding some paper. I am almost out of it!

Then I created three tags for the scriptures I have chosen so far this year.

I also painted another wooden tag to be the back cover, and then put it all together.

As I'm writing this I have discovered that I am missing a week!  I should have four by now!!  Well shoot---I guess that means I have to go back to the art table!!

What have you been crafting lately?

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