Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Photo Art Thursday -Issue 3

Snow Angel

Welcome back to Photo Art Thursday!  I hope you've brought your Art along to link up with us! 

Thanks to continued play, I am beginning to think outside my normal box and am trying some new things.  The background photo is mine, and the girl and wings are from Dollar Photo Club.  

Are you ready to get our party started??


  1. Wow! You picked the perfect background to go with you angel image. It's quite magical looking. Hoping more people jump in on this meme.

  2. You picked the perfect title for your wintry creation. It's just so very lovely.

  3. This is beautiful! I especially like the cool toning, almost seems to glitter

  4. I was wondering how you photographed the girl...great idea. haha. I'll remember that for future use. Rebecca

  5. love it. so beautiful. the colours are exactly what I would use in my house.