Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Anxiety: A Definition

Our society is riddled with mental illness, and it does not discriminate.  I wish I knew the answer as to why, but I don't think the answer is an easy one.  According to National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 4 Americans experiences some kind of mental illness in any given year.  Approximately 42 million live with anxiety disorders.

I am part of those statistics.  I am more than those statistics.

I've been off work for about 2 weeks with severe anxiety.  It is very real.  As I sit here typing, my body is trembling.  My head shakes uncontrollably as if in the constant motion of nodding "yes".  I sit most days in silence, as I cannot tolerate noise, even the noises of my own family.  Sometimes I have to go to my bedroom for the quiet.  A sudden noise like a sneeze from a family member can send my body into tremors.  I've been in self-imposed lock down for those two weeks.  I've been to the doctor's office a couple of times, and I come home mentally and physically exhausted.

If you stick around this little ol' blog long enough, you'll learn I am an open book.  I started blogging years ago to shed some light on depression and anxiety.  I've talked with many, many people about it in hopes of helping others through it and to understand it.

But here is what I have noticed.  When people have not had any experience with these illnesses themselves, they don't understand.  Just because you haven't experienced it, doesn't make it any less real for those who are experiencing it.  If you have't experienced cancer, does it make it not exist?

Friends, please please don't shun those who are suffering.  They need you!  They need your prayers, they need your texts, they need your meals, they need your care.  They need to know that they matter.

Why do I tell you all of this?  Not to feel sorry for me!  I've been here many times before.  I've accepted it as part of who I am.   I want you to SEE those around you struggling with mental illness.  They aren't just a statistic.  They are precious people struggling each and every day to make it through, to make it to the other side back to wellness.  Sometimes that is a quick recovery, sometimes it isn't.  And for some, that recover may never come.  Would you love them anyway?

Love them.

{anxiety - 1. painful uneasiness of mind 2. apprehension and fear accompanied by physical signs of sweating, trembling, rapid heart beat, chest pain and dizziness}


  1. Love you. Praying for you now. Thanks for sharing your life.

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