Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Break - A Great Retreat from Normal

If any of you work in the education world, you know what I mean when I say Winter Break is a balm to my soul, a much needed break, a mental necessity!!

If you don't work in that realm, I'm sure you know what it feels like when you need a break from kids, especially your own sometimes!  Working in a high school is forever eye opening, always challenging, occasionally heart retching, and always entertaining.


One of the things I have enjoyed while being away from work was giving some serious attention to my artistic endeavors.  Because another thing I have learned about myself lately, being artistic and crafty really makes my heart sing!  So I am being more intentional about creating, whether that be art journaling, paper crafting, scrapbooking, sewing or photography, I want more of it!

This is a piece I worked on for a group I have just joined called Take Me Deeper over at His Kingdom Come.  It is a wonderful community of artistic people using their art to go deeper in their relationship with Christ and worship God through their gifts.  Check it out!  They have tons of options and places to be involved.

Our first week's scripture was Romans 12:1-2.  A scripture I love that shares the endless possibilities that are available when we allow our life to be transformed by Jesus.  What better visual is there for transformation than a butterfly that started life as an ugly caterpillar?

This is all made of scrapbook paper, mounted on a 1 inch thick board.  The butterflies are all punches, except the Monarch, which is a stamp that I cut out.  I thought the bright orange made a great statement against the white to not "conform" to what is around us in this world.

{Another thing I need to work on?  Better photos!  My office is so dark, only a west window and dark paneling.  I really have to come up with a better system for these close up photos.}

Anything in your life that needs to be transformed?


  1. sometimes is a teacher myself, I think that my students would really benefit from some of artistic endeavors themself. But such short time we have with them. And so much to learn for those dreaded tests

  2. I am running late too! Don't worry. I think your photos are great, and your butterfly aren't is BEAUTIFUL! You did a fantastic job, and I do love what you did with the orange.

  3. This is GORGEOUS!!! I love that you are realizing the importance of art and creating as a means of self-care! I am with you on all of those fronts (art journaling, paper crafting, scrapbooking, photography, etc!) And yes - the Orange is perfect! It makes it just POP! Great job! Visiting from our 31Days Survivors fb group!

  4. I LOVE this! I only wish I had the time and your balm :) I have three little guys running around here so I haven't invested time in anything fragile...period! I envy you friend (and I think the pics are great!).

  5. What a delicate form to express yourself. Absolutely love it!