Thursday, December 18, 2014

Always Learning - Art in Progress

I've been working on creating some new space in my scrapbook room.  I had a very small desk that just wasn't working for both creative space and a computer and printer.  I didn't need anything fancy, so I dragged the Husband to Menards to buy a piece of plywood!

The desk used to sit in the middle of the room and I became VERY tired of walking around it.  So I decided on this L shape.  I kept the tiny desk to use for just my computer and printer.  The plywood is stretched across 2 bookcases I already had.  (I didn't want to spend much)  It works.

Husband also wanted me to paint it, but I knew what was coming.  See that beautiful paint splatter there?  That's what I am always cleaning up, so I felt no need to paint it.  It will be painty enough in no time!

I'm loving this handy corner of awesome artsy goodness!  Everything is within reach and easy to find!

I've been working on a few more Bible Journaling pages as well.  Thought I would show you a few.  I am no artist when it comes to freehand, but I know I will find my groove here pretty soon.  Still trying to find that comfort zone!

I am finding that many of my inks bleed through.  Sometimes it bothers me, other times it doesn't.  Again, I'll find my comfort zone here pretty soon.

I recently purchased a couple of books to help me on this journey.  I love learning new things!

They are both full of beautiful ideas and instructions on how to get this look.  I can't wait to dive in!  You can easily find them here and here on Amazon. (Affiliate links)

I am very much looking forward to Christmas break to do some more playing in paints, inks, and stamps!  Only 2 more days of work! excited!!

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