Monday, November 17, 2014

The 3 French Hens Holiday Market

My heart is full Sunday evening as I write this post. We've just spent the afternoon with my extended family and it was wonderful to visit and catch up with everyone. It has been far too long since we've all been together, and today we got to meet a new member of the family, my baby great nephew Jett. Always a good day when you get to snuggle a newborn!

Holy Vintage Goodness, Batman!  On Saturday my friend Diane and I headed to Morris, Illinois for the 3 French Hens Holiday Market.  Oh what a treat for the eyes!  Vintage loveliness everywhere we looked!  I'll share some photos, but I am a horrible photographer with my camera phone!  I think I don't hold still long enough!!

How about an upside down Christmas tree?  It was a neat feel when you were up close and could feel the branches above you like a real tree would be like, but when you back away and look, it still feels a little odd to me.

I absolutely love this pennant banner made out of doilies!  I picked up a couple more while shopping just to make my own.

I thought this was a cute idea to stamp on burlap.  Should be super easy to do.

This was a cute idea, to add some lace to the spines of unbound books.  Seems this has become popular, books displayed with no covers.

Vintage always encompasses linen and lace and I thought this cute wreath captured it beautifully.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I began studying this piece of art.  It is a carved shovel!!  Yep.  And all rusty to boot!  They had several different designs for only $40.  I thought that was an amazing price for the work that must have gone into it.

This decorated ladder was in an adorable little vintage shop.  I absolutely love that the ladder is the entire length of the room AND the burlap and lights.  So very cool.  LOVE the suitcases and decor up on top as well!

I love the glitter added to this hollowed out birch log.  So very pretty!

Pretty, pretty pretty!

Have you seen these coffee filter wreaths on Pinterest?  This was was marked at $60.  I'm sure you can make it much cheaper than that!  Coffee filters and a glue gun...go for it!

We had a FABULOUS day, walked our feet off, and didn't even stop for lunch.  Our creative juices were flowing!  Between the Holiday Market and the quaint downtown of Morris, we spent the entire day immersed in vintage!

So much fun!  Now I'm ready for some crafting to recreate some of the gorgeous decor I saw!  Stay tuned for some updates!

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