Thursday, November 13, 2014

Repurposed Headboard to Bench

The high school where I work is celebrating it's 20th Anniversary this year with a fancy Gala.  I was asked to make something that could be auctioned at the event.  Of course my wheels started turning immediately, and I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

I had recently purchased an antique headboard and footboard at an auction for $5.  It was said to be from the 1800s!  That was going to be a bench!

The wood was pretty beat up so my intention was to paint it.....until my husband got involved, that is!

We started by cutting the footboard in half.  Yes, it is hard to saw through an antique!  Nailbiting!

Then we got some used 2x4s out of the wood pile in our garage to create a box for the seat.

We attached the footboard pieces to the back of the headboard and then added our box for the bench portion.

If you've read my blog anytime before, you know what I'm going to say next right?  I cut apart some pallets, sanded them, and stained them 3 different colors.

Since my family didn't think I should paint it, (honestly when we got to this point I was loving the look) I decided to try a mix of canola oil and vinegar all over the wood.  Because it was so old, it just soaked it up and brought back that rich brown color.

And honestly at this point in the project I wanted to just keep the little beauty and start building something else to donate to the Gala!  But time was of the essence, so I had to give her up!

When I got to school on Monday I was told that a bidding war had broken out over the bench and it went for nearly $300!  Yes, you read that right!!  WOW.

I am so happy that people liked it, because you know, not everyone enjoys the same styles AND that it raised great money for the cause.

I have 2 more bedframes in my garage that I need to make into benches very soon so I can earn some money for Christmas shopping!

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