Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Wreath for Any Season

I recently saw a wreath like this at a local store for $89.  No joke!  So, you know me, the thoughts than ran through my head were this:

a.  that is a ridiculous amount of money; and
b.  I can make that for a lot cheaper.

There are only a few supplies:

1.  Burlap Mesh - it comes in many colors, usually in the ribbon section of the craft store.  Watch for a 50% off sale!  Which means you can make it for MANY holidays!
2.  A complimentary wired ribbon
3.  Wire or pip cleaners.  I liked that I found some in a matching color, so need to hide it!
4.  A wire wreath, any size that suits your fancy.

You are going to cut your mesh into about 8-10 inch strips and then let them roll like in the photo below.  The secret is to let them roll askew so that the ends don't match.

Then fold it in half, sending one end up the middle of the wire wreath.  Then the other end fold over and under the first two wires closest to the circle, so now both ends are coming out the center space.  You will continue doing this all the way around the wreath.  The first few will seem loose, but once you get a bunch in there, it tightens up and holds on it's own.  You can add the pipe cleaners here to secure things if you wish.

Add loops of ribbon as you go as well.  I simply looped it and sent it through the middle section as well.  Of course it wouldn't hold on it's own, but will once it is surrounded by the other burlap mesh.  This is where it helps to have wire ribbon so you can manipulate it to look good!

You could add as many other textures as you are comfortable with.  For this wreath I also made a couple of burlap flowers to add to one side. But you could add as much bling as you'd like!

This is the wreath on display at the store.  It is VERY full.  I didn't mind having mine open in the middle, so I didn't make it quite that thick.

And here is my version.

It's always worth giving your creativity a shot when you see an expensive decor item.  Sometimes it is pretty easy to duplicate.  Remember, it doesn't matter how they did it.  What counts is if you can get the look you want in the end!

Happy crafting!!

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  1. Your wreath is beautiful. I like your version better too! I have made a few burlap wreaths but haven't seen the burlap mesh. I'm going to give this one a try! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  2. Hi Cherie--thanks so much for visiting me and my blog :) LOVE your wreath! I'm pinning it right now. Will poke around your blog for a good visit.