Friday, October 3, 2014

Wire Basket Lamp Shade - 31 Days of Junque Decor

Here we are at Day 3 !!!


You know when you buy something and then it stays in the box forever?  You know exactly where you want it to go, but as is, it just wasn't quite right.  It needs something.....

Ever been there?

I bought this hanging light almost nine months ago from  I love it.  But the space I had in mind needed something bigger.  So I continued to wrack my brain thinking of how I could make this work........ because I love it!

Half Gallon Open Bottom Mason Jar Pendant Lamp

I was walking a flea market a couple of months ago and saw some old lampshades that had been stripped of their fabric and were just pretty frames.  FINALLY, I thought.....this could work.  (Except at the flea market they were selling for  $18.)  So I waited and bought the next lamp shade I saw at the thrift store for $4.

Well who knew that today's lamp shades are not made the same as the vintage style?  Did you know your lamp shades now come in pieces???  Not exactly what I had bargained for when I started this project!  (sad face)

So I got out some wire and started twining it back together.  Then I decided I kinda liked the curly look, so I put that around the top and bottom.

Well after all that work, the family didn't like it!!!  This is what it ended up looking like.  Please pay no attention to the mess on my desk.  Don't judge!  You know how creative minds are always messy!!

So my problem was not solved.......

........... until I found this rusty basket at the NEXT flea market that I attended.

Oh and it was just perfect!  I was in love!  At first I thought I would tie up the handle, but after I got it hung up, I decided I kinda liked it hanging down.

So why stop there, right?  As you know from this post, we just replaced 100 year old windows in our house, so I wanted to use one of those as a centerpiece in this corner with the light.

I bought 3 ft. brown chain (found in the lighting section of your hardware store) to hang the window frame from the ceiling just over the lamp. (Husband may have groaned just a little when I suggested all those holes in the ceiling!)

THEN, I accidentally ran across this great table at a local thrift store for $50!  For the table AND chairs!  My plan is to strip the top and stain it a darker wood that matches our home.  IF I have time, I hope to feature that this month as well, but we'll see!!

I am extremely happy with the result.  I finally have a light in that dark corner that matches the size of the space.  I found a table I didn't even know I was looking for AND it was super easy!  Our family plays games in this corner and occasionally watches TV while we eat.  This bigger table is perfect for leaving our game of Monopoly out for several days.

If you like this style, get out there and try a few things!  It is so much fun!!

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  1. I LOVE this idea!!! My series this year is "31 Days of 31 Day Favorites" and your might definitely have to be one of my favorites that I feature in the upcoming days! I love finding ways to use old, inexpensive, vintage things as great new treasures! I cannot wait to see more posts!!

  2. Aww Thanks Ashley! I appreciate you stopping by!!

  3. You're so creative! What a lovely focal point for the table.

  4. Love this! It's a Friday Favorites feature! Would love for you to link up again and give a social media shout out! Thanks! laura Love it!

    1. Thanks Laura! I love hanging out with you guys on Fridays! So glad I found you!!