Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vintage Window - 31 Days of Junque Decor

Welcome to Day 2!  I'm so glad you are back.  Today I wanted to save an old window.  A friend of mine had many windows replaced this summer and she just knew I would want one.   She knows me so well!

I had found some barn wood at a sale a few weeks ago and I knew I wanted to combine these two into one project.  (Man, I wish I would have bought is so hard to find!! Note to self for next time.)

Although the window is old, it wasn't quite distressed enough for my tastes, so I took the sander to it to expose more wood.

I then used just a tiny bit of stain to bring some darker color to the natural wood that I had exposed.  I just rubbed it on with a rag.

I pulled out some textured paste to add some more crackle.  Increase that age factor, don't ya know!

Then I was ready to add this beautiful barn board.  Swoon!

Since there is no good way to attach the two, I went with using a straight bracket through the back of both board and window.  Remember it is always a good idea to drill pilot holes.  This barn wood was very dry and needed a little extra TLC.

I wanted some pretty handles on my barn board to dress it up a bit.  It is so hard to choose!  First I was going to go with some pretty blue porcelain ones (that are shown in the first photo), but they were a bit too classy for this project, so I decided to go with the crystal.  I simply drilled a hole for the handles.

Since the screw on the knob was really long, we had to cut a bit of that length off.  Then Husband got in there to help me cut the keyholes on the back to be able to hang it.  I hadn't used the router before, so I was getting a lesson on how this worked.  Pretty cool really!

Then we were ready to hang it!

And show off all of it's distressed goodness!

Ta-da!  It is hanging over the piano in our living room.  You'll get to see how easy it is to make that banner a little later in the series, plus I'm going to add a little something else, but I'll save that for later too!

It really is very easy to turn something from junque to treasure.  You just need a little imagination!

Stayed tuned for Day 3 of Junque Decor.   Tomorrow we are going to re-purpose a rusty wire basket.

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  1. OMG this is just adorable!!! Love the banner too!

  2. The only word that fits is "inspirational"! You're getting me excited to move and revamp our new home. Thanks!