Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vintage Ladder Decor - 31 Days of Junque Decor

Old painty ladders are all the rage in decorating, so of course, I just had to have one!   I had a perfect spot on my front porch.  Unfortunately because they have become a hot item in decorating, the prices are hot too!  Paid way too much, but it really is the perfect ladder!

I picked up some drawers of an old desk that was on the curb for garbage with the intention of using them on the rungs of the ladder.  But once I painted them and tried them on the rungs, I decided they were too deep for what I was trying to accomplish, so they are hanging around the house waiting to be used on some other project.

I looked and looked for the right kind of surface for the rungs, but kept coming up empty, so I decided to make my own.

But you'll have to come back tomorrow to see them!  Hint:  I found the perfect barn wood to make them!

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