Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shabby Vintage Quilt - 31 Days of Junk Decor

I know I promised the barn wood shelf today, but....well, I just didn't get it done!  You know how life gets in the way of what you had planned?  Yeah, that!

So just a short and sweet post today about a cute little quilt I got for a $1.00 at the Friday night auction I've been attending.  They were selling a tub full of fabric and I saw these cute little roses peeking through....and I was willing to bid a $1.00!

I knew the perfect place for it.  The front porch.

I've had this wicker sofa for several years and I continue to add layers of paint to try to spiffy it up.  I thought this might be a perfect place to add some cute roses.

The quilt is quite large, so I used it kinda like a slip cover.

Now it looks like a cozy little spot to curl up and read a book away from the fall bugs! Quite a difference for just a dollar.

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