Thursday, October 16, 2014

Preserving Fall Leaves - 31 Days of Junque Decor

You know how you read so much on the internet?  And you see some really cool stuff and think....I should try that....but then you forget to bookmark it so you can go back and find it again????  That ever happen to you?

Happens to me .....all.the.time.

I know....Pinterest right?  It's so easy.  But sometimes I just don't get things pinned.

So someone else came up with this idea....some genius out there in blog land......I'm sorry I forgot to bookmark your page!

So we all love the fall colors right?  But they never stick around long enough.  So how can we hold on to it just a little longer?

Freeze it in time but dipping them in wax!

I bought this cheap wax at Hobby Lobby.  The cheaper the better when I am trying something for the first time, just in case I mess it up!  I also bought this little aluminum bucket to melt it in for $2.47.  (Don't buy the $15 bucket in the wax aisle--highly over priced)

I created a double broiler to melt the wax.  Note to self:  this was block is HARD.  I had to take a screw driver AND hammer to it to get a chunk off.  I didn't want to melt the whole thing.  It only took a small piece for what I was doing.

I just happen to have one of these spoon rest clips.  It worked perfectly to clamp the pail to my saucepan.  Then it didn't float.

Once the wax was melted, I turned the flame down on the stove so as not to burn the wax or me!  Then I just submerged the leaf and pulled it out, allowing any drips to fall and then laid it out on wax paper.

This was so simple and so fast.  I did this entire batch of leaves in about 10 minutes.  And look at that gorgeous color.  This is another experiment, so I am anxious to see how long these last.

I have them sprinkled across the top of my fireplace mantel as well.

You would never know they have a layer of wax on them!  Just gorgeous!!

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  1. LOL, not sure if it was my post or not, but I did one on this topic. I happened to be visiting and stumbled on this post. Here's mine:
    I love this tip; it's fun, isn't it?