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Pallet Table - 31 Days of Junque Decor

Hello everyone!  Are you as excited as I am to get this party started?  I have been working hard for weeks to be ready to present all of my projects to you!  I've scoured several flea markets and searched for many a pallet to be able to bring you some really fun ideas and projects to make "junque" into lovely family decor.  I'm so happy to are here and I am ready to share my first project with you! (You won't want to miss a single project, so be sure to follow through google or subscribe to the blog.)  I'll keep an ongoing list of each days posts at the bottom of this post.

I went in search of a table at our local neighborhood thrift store that I could use as just a base to create a pallet table for my front porch.  Our house was resided this summer, and I was anxious to create a whole new look for my enclosed front porch.

So I found a table that had green metal legs and a laminated wood top, of which I forgot to take a before photo!  I was so excited to finally start this project that I just jumped into working without my camera handy!

I work at a high school, so I am very lucky to have easy access to pallets.  I was very excited to find a couple blue ones, because the new siding on the house is blue!  I'm sure it is no pretty picture seeing me try to maneuver pallets into the back of my van off of a 5 foot stack!  I sure hope no one was watching that fiasco!

Now I want to warn any of you newbies that may want to jump into pallets. They are a TON of work to get those stringers off the base.  The nails are about 3 inches long and are part screw, part nail.  They are meant to stay!

I started out loosening some boards with a prybar so that we could eventually get between the boards with a reciprocating saw that can cut through the nails.  Trying to just get the nails out is almost impossible.  Even sawing through them is a lot of work and you were certainly get a good workout from it!  Be careful using a crowbar as well.  If you use the other pallet stringers as leverage you may end up damaging the wood you are trying to save.  Just a little life experience for ya there!

So from this photo, since I was negligent in getting before photos of the old table, you can see that the once green legs are now spray painted with a hammered silver.  For the top we (my faithful Husband helper) built a box around the old table top and then nailed the pallet boards right across the top of the old table.

Across the bottom shelf are two pallet boards just laying on top of the decorative metal at the bottom.

I am a sucker for old doorknobs and I just LOVE this set!  I took a tour through the Old House Society in our town and just had to have both of these!  Cost me, but I love them.!

I loved this stamp on the end of the board, so I decided to be sure it was showing on the end of the table.  Gives it just another touch of authenticity!

And then of course, for the decorating!  I love old enameled bowls and pitchers, so this was a natural fit for the front porch.  I was jumping up and down excited when I found this sewing machine drawer for just $10.  It is in fantastic shape!  It just happens to be the perfect size for a small mason jar, so I am on the hunt for a couple more that are that size to fill it all in.  Every time I walk past this table, I smile.....

I can't wait to show you several more things made of pallet board during this series.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what I've done with a vintage window and some barn wood.  Barn wood is a favorite of mine too, but oh so hard to find!!

Happy Junking!

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  1. This is adorable! You are so creative. Loving the door knobs and the drawer.

  2. Oh my. It is so nice! My daughter has been making things with pallets. I will share with her.

  3. I love your pallet table! The doorknobs are especially great as pulls!