Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lace Garland - 31 Days of Junque Decor

I was looking for some curtain tie backs and decided to make my own.  I assembled some parachute cord and old lace curtains. I always keep an eye open for them at the thrift stores.  You can usually get them VERY cheap!

So first you have to get down on the floor on all fours to cut the lace curtains into strips.  So graceful!

I cut strips by hand during a long car ride recently, but decided the jagged edges and much longer cut time weren't worth it!  So I got out my rotary cutter.  SO much faster and neater.

 It didn't take long at all to tie the strips onto the parachute cord and tie them up to the curtain.

Sometimes these photos look a little yellow and blurry.  I am trying my hardest to give natural light to my photos instead of the harsh flash.  I have a very dark living room, so photos are hard to take inside.  Sorry!

This second garland is with white lace and a cutup old tablecloth I bought for a quarter at a garage sale!  This one is really long and is going to go out on the front porch.

Again, another super easy project, really cheap that packs a beautiful decor punch!

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