Thursday, September 18, 2014

Old Chippy Goodness - An Antique Frame Rescue

I can't tell you how long I have had this wonderful, old, paint chippy frame.  It's been hanging in the garage for at least three years.  (It's been so long, I don't even remember where I got it!  *blush*) My husband has tried to throw it away numerous times.  I just give them "the look" and tell him to put it back!  The poor thing was in such bad shape. (By the way, doesn't everyone use the ping pong table as a workspace??)

 (sorry, that's a little fuzzy!!)

It was barely holding itself together, coming apart at all of the corners.  It's beautiful woodwork missing some pieces.  Honestly I just wasn't sure where to begin!  So I headed to Menards!

I needed to find something to hold those corners together, so I went hunting for brackets.   Found the perfect "L"s to hold it all together.

Now since the joints actually had space that you could see light through, I decided I needed to get out the big clamps to hold it all together so they were nice and tight again while I added the brackets.

Then I got out our Ryobi tools from Home Depot!  I love these tools.  They all have interchangeable battery packs, so there are no cords to fight.  Just recharge the batteries on a charging station and they are ready to go the next time.  So simple!  (And I'm not even paid to tell you that !)  You can see they are well used!!

I predrilled the holes for the screws because the wood is so old and brittle, I didn't want to risk cracking it.  Also because the frame was different levels, I wanted to be sure that the screws would not go through the front.

Then it was time for brackets. Again, since the wood is so dry, I was careful not to tighten the screws too tight for fear of cracking the wood.

There was an old wire used for hanging the frame, so I just reused that, shortened it up a bit, for a hanging area.

And then I was done!

I quickly threw some scrapbook paper on a couple clothespins and added a bit of bling.

And it was all ready to hang in my bedroom.  But it was missing just one thing, a little beauty.  So of course, I turned to some printables from the lovely Ann Voskamp.

So after three years (or so) my shabby frame has a new home!

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  1. Sometimes it takes the right place or the right moment to move those treasures into place. I love it on the wall.

  2. Great old frame! So wonderful that you found a place for it. Cheers!

  3. cool idea - I can see changes out with photo images -- great ideas...


  4. Those old frames have such personality!